Drinking Water Systems


Drinking Water Systems

Drinking Water Systems



Concerned about your drinking water?
You should be.

Perfectly Clear has concerns about your drinking water, you should too, less than 1% of the worlds water is considered “drinkable”. As population grows, our clean water resources shrink. People have turned to bottled water believing it to be a better tasting alternative to tap water and also as a healthy option to soft drinks. Bottled water is an epidemic that has exploded the last 10 years or so and we are only recycling about 15% of the used bottles.

What is amazing is that most tap water is actually better quality than most bottled water sitting on shelves today. By removing taste and odor of your tap water, you are not only helping the environment but saving money. Soon enough more people will be aware of the bottled water epidemic if they aren’t already. People have started re-using their own grocery bags, fast food establishments started using paper instead of Styrofoam and recycled paper is now used for many printing purposes. Eliminate your bottled water addiction and start drinking your tap water. Installing a filter under your sink is one of the most responsible things we could do as human beings.

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